Salute to Reading Program

As always the Jackson in Action83 Foundation is concerned with the three areas of child development, educational; emotional, and physical, especially as they relate to children in military families.

131008_MM_JacksonInAction_0103The Salute to Reading program challenges students to push themselves towards their reading goals by offering an incentive: the possibility of being selected to attend a meet and greet with Vincent Jackson at One Buc Place. Each month, nine students, one each from grades 1-3 at Ballast Point, Chiaramonte, and Tinker Elementary schools, will attend the meet and greet where they will receive a private tour of One Buc Place from Vincent. At the end of the year, all students who were selected during the school year will attend a year-end celebration.

The purpose of the Salute to Reading Program is to provide incentives to encourage students to read and achieve their reading goals. The program operates in the three elementary schools in Tampa that maintain the highest number of children in military families, thereby helping to promote educational achievement among children who may easily be distracted by issues surrounding deployment or other military situations in their families.

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