As the son of two military parents, Vincent Jackson was raised with structure and discipline.  His dad, Terence, served in the Army for 21 years.  He met Sherry, Vincent’s mom, while in boot camp.  Vincent attributes his modesty to the loving guidance of his parents and, as a result, he feels a responsibility to help other youngsters have that same advantage.  Known currently for his prowess on the football field, Vincent excelled as a straight A student at Widefield High School in Colorado Springs, CO, graduating with a 4.1 GPA.

His excellent academic performance earned his acceptance to Columbia University, but Vincent chose to attend the University of Northern Colorado on scholarship.  He played both football and basketball during his four years on campus.  While earning All-American Honors at UNC and becoming the school’s All-Time Leading Receiver, Vincent majored in Business in an effort to prepare for his post-football career.

Vincent has done more that just stay in shape during his off-seasons playing with the San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He has invested in a variety of businesses in the hospitality, apparel, real estate, and fitness realms.  Viewing Magic Johnson and Roger Staubach as models of athletes who are successful entrepreneurs, Vincent has diversified his business portfolio.  In 2013, he attended an elite business program for a select group of NFL players at the Wharton School of Business.

Feeling a strong commitment to serve the community in which he lives, Vincent launched the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation in November 2012.  The foundation’s mission is to provide support to military families, focusing on the educational, emotional, and physical health of the children.  This mission is especially close to Vincent’s heart because he knows what it’s like growing up in a military family.  As a child, his father was deployed to Germany and Panama, leaving Vincent and his mom at home.  He feels that one of the real threats to a close bond between military parents and their children is their deployment away from home.  Vincent’s desire is to parlay his success in football into an organization that can help military parents maintain close relationships with their kids, no matter the physical distance that may separate them.

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