Danny DogTags Children’s Books

Lindsey and Vincent Jackson have set out to develop a series of three children’s books designed to help kids and their parents cope with some of the challenges military life may bring. By reading these books, the hope is that parents and their children can communicate about their feelings and find ways to solve problems. These age-appropriate books are designed to be fun to read, while highlighting both the struggles and triumphs military families face. Each of the books will focus on one of the three pillars of the foundation, which are emotional, educational, and physical health of military children. All of the proceeds from book sales go back to the foundation to support our programs for military children and families.

Check out this video of Vincent reading the third and final book, Danny Dogtags: A Cool School Story!


The first book in the series was a partnership between the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The book addresses the emotional challenges that military children face when a parent is deployed for long periods of time. In Danny Dogtags: Dealing with Deployment, the title character finds out his father is being deployed overseas. He meets a Tampa Bay Buccaneers player who invites him to a football game to help cheer him up. By the end of the book, Danny and his father develop a way to communicate and cope with their feelings while they’re separated by thousands of miles.

Published by Mascot Books in June 2014, Danny Dogtags: Dealing with Deployment is available directly through the foundation. Contact us to purchase a copy!



Danny Soccer coverThe second book in the series, titled Danny Dogtags: Soccer Superhero, was announced in June 2016 with an official on sale date of September 6, 2016. The book addresses issues related to physical health, as many children become sedentary and don’t focus on eating well when they feel sad or stressed about a parent’s deployment or a family move.

The book follows Danny as he realizes he’s unable to perform to the best of his potential on the soccer field after he eats unhealthy foods and doesn’t get enough rest. Professional athlete Vincent Jackson stops by to talk to Danny’s team, and Danny realizes he needs to make some changes in order to fuel his body properly. Danny convinces his mother and his father, who is deployed, that the whole family should make healthier choices.

Danny Dogtags: Soccer Superhero is on sale through Amazon.com. Don’t forget to shop via smile.amazon.com and choose Jackson in Action as your benefiting charity!

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