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Danny Dogtags: Soccer Superhero

by allison on July 30, 2016

Second Book in the Danny Dogtags Series Set for Release

On Friday, July 29 the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation and Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson announced the publication of the second children’s book authored by Jackson and his wife, Lindsey, a former elementary school teacher. The second in a planned series of three books designed to help military families discuss the unique issues they often face, the book series’ main character is a child named Danny DogTags. The book, titled Danny Dogtags: Soccer Superhero, follows Danny as he realizes he’s unable to perform to the best of his potential on the soccer field after he eats unhealthy foods and doesn’t get enough rest. Professional athlete Vincent Jackson stops by to talk to Danny’s team, and Danny realizes he needs to make some changes in order to fuel his body properly. Danny convinces his mother and his father, who is deployed, that the whole family should make healthier choices.

Danny DDanny Soccer coverogtags: Soccer Superhero will officially be on sale to the public through online retailers beginning on September 6. The book is currently available for presale through Amazon.com.

Danny Dogtags: Soccer Superhero addresses one of the three main pillars of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, whose mission is to provide support to military families, focusing on the educational, emotional, and physical health of the children. The first book in the series, Danny Dogtags: Dealing with Deployment, saw Danny deal with the emotions many military children feel when faced with the deployment of a parent.

Proceeds from the sale of the Danny Dogtags books directly benefit the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation and its programs for military children and families. Danny Dogtags: Dealing with Deployment is still available for purchase through Buccaneers.com for $14.95 or $24.95 for a Vincent Jackson autographed copy.

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