Welcome to the Jackson In Action83 Foundation community.

As a member of the United States Military deployed away from home, let us begin by thanking you for your service and sacrifice. While we are safe and free and surrounded by our families you preserve our freedom at the price of being separated from your own children and spouses.

“Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.”

The Jackson in Action Foundation founder Vincent Jackson, all-pro wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has a special message of thanks for you. The child of military parents who were deployed away from home, Mr. Jackson started this foundation as a way to use his fame and fortune to say “Thank you.”

The Jackson in Action Foundation sole mission is to help you continue to effectively parent your children while separated oceans, mountains, and time zones. We are here for you!

After consulting with deployed military families like yours and experts on family life, we have gathered good, simple, practical ideas to help you with the emotional, educational, and physical development of your kids. Mr. Jackson has even written some books for you and the kids to read.

Today there are so many ways of communicating email, Skype, international long distance. Finding helpful tips on how to use those tools more effectively is part of our mission. And our resources are here for the mom or dad who is back stateside taking care of the children. We have resources to help them with the day to day parenting struggles that are only made a little tougher when one parent is overseas. Take a look around our website. It is for you and your family. If there are some other ways we can help, please let us know.

Our only goal is to help you make your family stronger. Americans are resilient. Kids are resilient. Our foundation is supported by individuals, organizations, and businesses that want to do their part in helping your family stay strong through your deployment. It’s our way of saying thank you for service.Take a look through the website. Feel free to use or try anything here. We try to provide tools for all ages. And for many of the emotional, educational, or physical problems that kids run into while Mom or Dad is away.

And tell your fellow soldiers about us. We are here to help.

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