Welcome to the Jackson in Action Foundation Donor Community.

The Jackson in Action Foundation is committed to helping deployed service men and women maintain and improve their family relationships while they are separated from their families. Our goal is to provide tools for these families to support the emotional, educational, and physical progress of their children.

But we can’t do it alone!

Jackson in Action Foundation relies on your contributions to reach the thousands of families that need our support. Our donors recognize the value of our mission and support with their time, their ideas, their support and their donations.

We need your help!

By partnering with us you will directly aid families at the critical moments when thousands of miles separate mothers, fathers, and their children.

Here are some ways we need your help:

Corporate and Government Donors:

Jackson in Action83 Foundation appreciates the support of its corporate and government partners that make annual contributions to our programs. Your business, your club, your church could help us make a difference for these families.

Institutional Donors:

The Jackson in Action83 Foundation appreciates the foundation, nonprofit, employee association and workplace giving campaign supporters who sustain us in our mission to improve the relationships in deployed families.

Individual Donors:

Jackson in Action83 Foundation is grateful of its individual donors who have a personal connection to our work. We recognize that these are tough times and your generosity is appreciated.

Idea Donors:

Jackson in Action83 Foundation community needs good ideas on how to better serve our deployed families. Our ideas come from experts in the field, from our deployed families, and ordinary folks who have a heart for our cause. 2

If you have any questions or would like more information about donating or partnership opportunities, please email Jackson in Action info@jacksoninaction83.org

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