Welcome Military Families Facing Deployment to the Jackson in Action Foundation Web Home.

Our only mission is you! This Entire Website is for you!

Our goal is to provide the support, the resources, and the encouragement to ease some of the stress of deployment on the Moms,Dads, and kids. To help maintain the emotional, the physical and the education progress of the boys and girls of military families while a parent is deployed.

We are here for you!

Working with families like yours, experts in the field, the Jackson in Action Foundation is dedicated to providing you with simple, effective tools to meet the day to day stresses of raising children while one parent is thousands of miles away.

Our site will have suggestions, referrals to other resources, and case histories of what other families have done to solve some of the problems you are facing right now. So feel free to take anything you need. And if there is something that you need that you don’t see let us know right away.

Hopefully, the first thing you will learn from our site is that you are not alone. The Jackson in Action Foundation community is made up of families like yours that are going through the rigors of deployment, military families that have gone through it in the past, experts on education, psychology, family dynamics, and organizations and individuals who recognize the struggles that deployed families have and want to pitch in and help.

It’s a wonderful community. Welcome!

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