Thursday night – Sunday afternoon

sportscampFor children with a deployed parent(s), the JIA 83 Ultimate Sports Camp is not only a mix of popular traditional sports games and a variety of recreational activities, it is a respite from the stress and anxiety children with deployed parents face. Kids will run, sweat, laugh and play their favorite sports games: flag football, ultimate kickball, wiffleball, capture the flag, track and field and more. In addition to sports skills, children will garner a better understanding of teamwork, sportsmanship and respect: critical life lessons for a healthy, balanced life. We’ll also sneak in some education on the importance of nutrition and eating right to further build this healthy foundation – a message that is vital to children with deployed parents.

Celebrity and Pro-Athlete speakers with military ties will meet with and speak to children to inspire and motivate as well as highlight the three pillars of our foundation: Educational, Physical and Emotional.

The JIA 83 Ultimate Sports Camp creates a positive and energetic atmosphere where children of deployed parents can surround themselves with other children and adults alike who not only understand them, but can help them develop a healthy and balanced life.

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